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Dr. Madrid has 30+ years of clinical experience evaluating and treating patients. My belief has always been that the patient should be responsible for their health and this means not only doing the proper day to day things that promote good health but also obtaining honest advice from their health care providers when the need arises. Too often, patients concede to their health care providers to direct and treat them with sound advice, only to leave their doctors office with another prescription slip. There is no "sit down" concerns for the patient to ask questions about their health concerns.

Throughout my years I have observed first-hand the demise of our health care profession to try to place each patient in a box to fit their symptoms and provide a medication for that set of symptoms. Is it any wonder why chronic illness and disease are on the rise especially in the last 30-40 years? I hope you come to the realization that a) we cannot continue to treat chronic illness/disease simply by treating symptoms; b) healthcare providers must treat the whole person; c) we must get back to basics which is improving our diet and lifestyle. Medications that are being prescribed for these conditions are simply not working. They only add to the problem. Yet patient's are willing to wait two weeks to two months to see their doctor to help them. And how can their doctor help them when they are not educated to treat chronic illness and only allow for seven minutes per patient on average?

So what is a patient (young or old) who is suffering from chronic allergies, autoimmune disease or intestinal disorders do? Well, I can only enlighten and share with you how I have found a solution to many of these health ailments. Functional Medicine. If you haven't heard about it is an absolutely new paradigm in how health care providers look to care for those with many of the chronic illnesses and diseases that are prevalent today. As, a certified practitioner in Functional Medicine, I have been educated and enlightened on how to look with greater detail than ever before how all the "stressors" in one's life can contribute to what finally brings them in to the doctors office for treatment. And because it is the storybook of the patient's life we are able to see where many if not all of the factors that have contributed to the present unhealthiness of the patient. And with this information we are able to unwind the tangled web to remove those obstacles which have broken the body down and add or restore to the body that which it is lacking, in addition to other contributing factors so the patient can finally begin a journey of healing! And if attained with proper guidance to its entirety can be a permanent correction and not merely the management of symptoms. 

I truly believe that we have been at a crossroads in recent years. The elephant is in the room and nobody wants to admit that our "great" health care system is broken when it comes to treating chronic illness/disease. The answer is not another medication! We need to realize and accept that our body has the innate capacity to heal if given the correct tools and guidance along with time. Functional Medicine provides the tools and guidance to get you back to a healthy state- physically, mentally and emotionally.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them". - Albert Einstein

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